20 años
celebrando la vida

20 milestones that have led us to the 20.

More than 10,000 people have been there

More than 10,000 boys and girls between 3 and 18 years have enjoyed the experience Wobland over these two decades.

We are committed to the artistic disciplines

Theater, dance and acroyoga are part of our inner self, our DNA, in the search of creativity, development and personal growth.

Spectacular evenings

Ever better than the best European festivals! such as our popular “Silent Disco”. Imagine hundreds of Wobers dancing… in silence?

rock stars

We've had remarkable visits such as Mike Smith, Amaya Valdemoro, Antoni Daimiel and Andrés Montes...

The finest basketball shooter coach in the world!

Randy Knowles, one of the best basketball shoot trainers in the world, was our technical director. Also renowned players as Daniel Pintor or Bernardo Rodríguez, nowadays.

More than 15 countries represented

Wobers from all continents and more than 15 countries come every year, enriching our vision, our language and listening firsthand to how the rest of the world is.

Disability fear-free

In WOB we have an absolute commitment to people with any type of disability, whether they are participants or professionals who visit us every summer, as the actors protagonists of the Spanish movie "Campeones" (translated as "Champions")

Playing against
NBA legends

One year Ginobili passes it to you, another year Paul Paul blocks you and the next season we enjoy a paella with James Worthy. The best players in the world have been coming to WOB for 20 summers. There is no campus in the world with a similar history.

We have radio station on campus

Wobland Radio is our way to start the mornings. Thanks to it we learn the importance of live radio, we sing, we dance, we laugh ... because starting the day with energy is something very WOB.

This is a circus. Really!

Great artists of the Circus of the Sun, cinema, music and entertainment have collaborated and continue to do so with us, edition after edition.

More than a campus

There is no such a better plan in the whole world, with such ground-breaking activities, top-level professionals, delicious homemade food and top facilities... and as if it weren't enough, in Malaga.


We are the first camp in Spain to introduce emotional education in all its modalities. We really value it with the importance it deserves.

Dozens of professionals

More than 125 professionals in the care of our Wobers. A record in the children and adolescents Summer Camps world. We have one monitor for every four Wobers!

We don't forget social work

At WOB Campus we collaborate closely every year with a social project, we call it “Proyecto Amigo”. One of the most special projects was the Uganda Safari Choir, Africa.

Do not miss it

Each year we offer scholarships to more than 30 boys and girls at risk of social exclusion, enabling many Wobers with less economic resources or extreme poverty to experience the campus.

Conceptual theme

We create a new conceptual theme every summer to raise awareness and learn to respect all life forms that exist on planet Earth.

We are not the ones who say it

We are the campus with the greatest impact on media in history... And we are not the ones who say it.

Changing the world in a week

WOB is an educational project focused on self discovery and personal development through freedom, respect and teamwork that enriches the boys and girls who go through the camp. Their families really appreciate it.


We produce an exclusive audiovisual program of 3 minutes daily, recorded and edited with the collaboration of our Wobers. It is broadcast every night on our giant 12-meter screen, and on the web and social networks for the enjoyment of followers and family members.


CaixaBank, Nike, Carrefour, US Airways, Coca Cola, Flying Tiger, UnderArmour, Bancaja, Antena 3, Tacobell, BMW, Adidas... are some of the friendly brands that have accompanied us throughout the years on this beautiful trip.

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