The Power of Their Voices

In Entebbe, Uganda, 270 boys and girls make up the Safari Children’s Choir. This year, their voices have travelled hundreds of kilometers and made it all the way to Wobland. This is our International Collaboration Project, creating a link that transcends languages and borders. The heart of Campus WOB CaixaBank went to Africa to heed the call to help the children, because all the children of the world deserve a future, an opportunity, and above all, a chance to be what they are: children. In this video you can hear their voices, their music, their soul.

The Nzuri Daima Foundation

The Safari Children’s Choir is a project of the Nzuri Daima Foundation, where dozens of volunteers (and only volunteers) work to build a better world in Uganda and Tanzania, in eastern Africa. Their achievements include obtaining micro-credits to help women become more independent; obtaining bicycles to help children who had to walk hours to get to school; helping children win the battle against malnutrition, while helping mothers to conceive life as a gift and the elderly to come to a happy and dignified end.

The Foundation believes that music, culture and art can transform the world. They work to raise awareness and defend human rights for all people, making no distinctions among races, nationalities or religions, operating as a non-profit organization with a clear and sincere goal: to use art to make a better world.

At Campus WOB CaixaBank we want to support this project by making a donation and by spreading the word of their work. There are many reasons to do so, but the greatest reason is that we share their values and we believe that all children deserve to be just that – children: to smile, have fun, learn and grow surrounded by love and understanding. Thank you, Safari Children’s Choir, for being part of Wobland!


Your support is essential to accomplishing our dream of making a better world where all children can smile and dream. We sincerely thank you for your support. Find out how you can help here:

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