Del 7 al 20 de julio de 2019


From 9 to 18 years. Thats right!

Fun-based learning is more enjoyable and more effective. At Campus WOB ENGLISH, we have designed a program that aims to heighten children’s interest in English and turn their curiosity into knowledge. Our communicative approach helps children think and speak naturally.

Campers will be taught by our excellent team of native-speaking teachers, whose methodology focuses on helping children become active learners, making the most of their class time. They will improve their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills and increase their fluency in English. Ready to have some fun? Welcome to WOBLAND!


Turno 1. Del 7 al 13 de julio

Turno 2. Del 14 al 20 de julio


Descuento fase 3

Precio normal: 645€

Precio oferta: 595€

Descuento fase 3

Precio normal: 495€

Precio oferta: 445€


Learn the most important thing: to think in English… Oh my Wob!

WOB English Activities

Campers attending Campus WOB ENGLISH will have the chance to experience 100% English immersion without studying or going abroad.

Classes and Competitions

  • MORNING: English campers will attend innovative and dynamic classes that are adapted for their age, with native speaking and bilingual teachers that apply a communicative, skills-based approach that makes language learning fun and rewarding. They will also get the chance to meet our NBA star player and practice the English they’ve learned with him.

  • EVENING: evening activities will be spent playing sports, games and activities. Campers will enjoy basketball, dance, Acro Yoga, water games and emotional intelligence activities.

One day in WOB English

Morning Activities Schedule
08:30 Wake up
09:00 Breakfast
10:00 Warm-up
10:30 Listening
11:15 Reading
12:00 Rest Time
12:30 Writing
13:15 Speaking
14:30 Lunch
Evening Activities Schedule
15:30 Workshops / Rest Time
17:15 Snack Time
18:00 Visit from our NBA star player
18:30 Basketball practice / Activities
20:30 Showers
21:00 Dinner
22:30 Night Show
00:00 Bedrooms
00:30 Lights Out
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