Basket Pro

Basketball Camp for ages 8 to 18

If you sign up for Campus WOB BASKET PRO, you’ll be balling every day, no matter what your level is. You’ll have intensive basketball practice to improve your individual and team skills, under the guidance of expert coach Bernardo Rodriguez and other top-rate coaches, playing in great facilities and sharing the experience with other campers who share your love for the game… and of course, you will be playing with an NBA star!

If basketball is your passion, you want to reach a new level and in an environment full of creativity, education and values, you cannot miss the appointment at the best Basketball Campus of 2021.

Beyond basketball itself: creativity in the game, decision-making abilities...

Basketball Campus Activities

PRO WOB campers will enjoy more pool time after the training sessions in the morning. They will also share workshops and evening evenings with the Wobers from the other WOB campuses, to guarantee coexistence and lots of fun with their teammates.

Training and competitions

The mornings will begin with three hours of intense practice of the technical fundamentals of basketball to improve them: individual technique, passing, dribbling, scoring shots to the basket, defence … And all from the first hand of Bernardo Rodríguez, one of the best basketball Spanish coaches, together with a team of top-level coaches. One of the mornings you will have the opportunity of get a photo with our NBA star, a magical moment to remember!

During the afternoons we will dedicate two and a half hours to basketball matches, both individual and team, shooting competitions and skills circuits. We will also have the participation of our NBA star in 5×5 matches.

Morning timetable

Morning timetable

8:30 Campus wakes up!
9:00 Breakfast
09:30 Wobland Radio
10:00 Activation of the day
10:30 Technique Training
13:00 Pool time
14:30 Lunch
15:30 Workshops / Break/td>

Afternoon timetable

17:15 Snack time
18:00 NBA player visit
18:30 Competitions and matches
20:30 Shower
21:00 Dinner
22:30 Evening soiree
23:30 Rooms
00:00 Silence

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